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Are your cheques in conformity?
Required by the banks, (new delay) approved by CPA

Grace period!
In addition to the changes in the cheque models, your accounting software will need to be adapted in order for the data to fit in the appropriate places on the new cheques according to the new bank standards. For a new version of your software, contact your accounting software supplier.

The transition to "image friendly" cheques in Canada
is well under way

All businesses should have completed modifications to their cheques to comply with the new specifications.
Adopting the cheque specifications published in standard 006 in January 2005 is important, as they support the capture of high-qualitity images required for a range of purposes. Entreprises that have not yet completed the modifications to their cheques are encouraged to do so as soon as possible to avoid potential issues.
Cheque printers associated with the CPA will work with the enterprises to provide the support to be able to solve all the problem concerns and difficulties for the process automation.
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